Om Namo Narayanaya


Yoga may be found everywhere, but authentic spiritual knowledge and wisdom steeped in years of tradition is still hard find in the modern world. Om Tirth, known most often as just Om, has been a teacher of Traditional Indian spirituality and philosophies for many years. His style blends understanding of Vedanta from the Upanishads with philosophy of Yoga-Darshan and practices of Traditinal Tantra, making him a unique guide to Indian spiritual tradition. Om teaches courses, gives satsangs, and offers one-on-one sessions in the style of the ancient Indian gurukula system of teaching.

Sessions & courses...

Om delivers weekly sessions and regular enlightening courses, both online and in-person.

Weekly sessions are inspiring and relaxing, providing incremental insights and the opportunity for deep, insightful practice. Om’s courses explain, teach and guide students on traditional subjects, in depth on a specific topic or topics.

Each session or course designed to be suitable to guide, inform and inspire both students and teachers alike.


Based on the gurukula system of knowledge transfer, Om provides one-on-one sessions for students and yoga teachers, always tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a beginner, teacher or experienced spiritual seeker, Om can provide a series of personal sessions especially for you. 

Om offers a complementary first session to any student interested in taking one-on-one sessions, please get in touch to arrange this.

Kirtan & satsang...

Satsang means ‘living near truth’, and can take the form of a wide-ranging or a shared practice such as kirtan or havan. Kirtan is a form of ‘japa’ practice (mantra repetition) combined with specific music to make it a ‘Nada yoga’ practice (the yoga of sound energy).

Kirtans and satsang are powerful spiritual experiences, run by one with the ability to guide others towards the company of the highest truth. Every session is designed to be deeply spiritual, soul awakening, and insightful both students and teachers alike.

Recognising, preserving and celebrating lineage and tradition in spirituality is a matter close to Om’s heart.

OmTirth Yoga was established in 2020 with the intention to spread Sanatana Dharma, preserve knowledge and spread the authentic teachings of Indian spirituality.

By protecting, preserving, and authentically sharing this ancient knowledge, Om is serving both his tradition and his gurus.

Get in touch...

Let’s talk. We reply within within 1 business day. 

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